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Nurses are in High Demand in All Areas of Health Care:

Start a Rewarding Career in Health Care:

We Negotiate Your Benefits to Ensure You Receive Fair Pay:

The Benefits of LifePath Health Careers

  • We Act as Your Career Matchmaker

  • We Find the Right Fit at the Right Salary

  • We Negotiate Your Perks & Benefits

  • Green Card Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses

  • Immigration Attorney Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses

  • Many Positions Pay Moving Expense

International Nurses

LifePath Health Careers specializes in helping nurses from all over the world get on a path to a green card.

We’ll provide:

  • Employer paid immigration fees
  • Employer paid legal fees
  • Advocacy and help with acquiring green card
  • Legal representation

We ensure that our international nurses are treated with dignity and respect, receive a fair deal, and are paid the prevailing wage, or better, in the market.

US Nurses & Graduates

LifePath Health Careers will put you on the path to a more rewarding career with better pay and more job satisfaction. If you’re a dedicated nurse – or are becoming one – all you need to do is upload your resume.

We’ll provide:

  • Choice of facilities
  • Choice of locations
  • Professional salary negotiator
  • Extra benefits – depending on employer, you can get some or  all of these extras:
    – Generous sign-on bonus
    – Tuition reimbursement
    – Relocation expenses

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