Nursing Students

LifePath for Nursing Students

LifePath Health Careers helps nursing students land their dream jobs right out of school. We work with students and healthcare providers to find the right career for soon-to-be-graduates and recent graduates. Our expertise in the industry means that we find nursing jobs with the best salaries, benefits, and opportunities to gain dynamic experience.

When you work with LifePath, we take the time to individually review your resume and provide feedback on how to best market yourself. We’ll then guide you through every step of your job search and ensure your resume makes it to employers that are the best fit for you. We have strong relationships within the industry, meaning we can ensure your first job is a great job.

Salary, Benefits, & Perks

Because nurses are in such high demand, employers are willing to provide extra incentives to fill their open positions. LifePath keeps employers informed on what incentives they need to provide to attract the best nurses. We also help nurses know what salary and benefits are possible in certain markets. We make sure that you and your potential employer are on the same page about compensation before you interview.

Why Take LifePath to Your First Nursing Job

How you begin your career will have a major impact on where it goes. Your first position should provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences while paying you what you deserve. A quality first nursing job will help ensure that when you’re ready for your next move, you’ll have valuable experience and a strong salary package as your negotiation starting point.

Take The First Step in Your New Nursing Career

Hear What Our Nurses Have to Say

LifePath is amazing. They did a lot to get me here – arranged everything and even picked me up from the airport.

– Christian G.