LifePath for International Nurses

LifePath Health Careers specializes in finding excellent, qualified nurses from all over the world who seek a better life and more opportunities in the United States. Your skills are greatly needed, but often the path to get here is complicated and confusing. When you apply through LifePath, we handle the visas and immigration paperwork, and we get you on the path to a green card.

Students in US Nursing Schools

If you’re already studying in the US, regardless of what kind of visa you currently have, we can evaluate your situation, and if needed, transition you to a visa that will serve your needs better. Our goal is to help you find employment at one of hundreds of US health care facilities that are in desperate need of nurses.

Nurses and Students Outside the US

If you’re in nursing school or a practicing nurse in another country, we can clear the path to getting you to the US if your nursing qualifications are met. The ease of getting you here and the time it may take greatly depend on your country of origin. There is often a limit to the number of people who can immigrate from specific countries, which can be a barrier. However, we do work with very skilled immigration lawyers who know all options available to you.

An Easier Path to Opportunity

Because the need is so great for nurses in the US, employers are willing to help qualified nurses move here to work. In some cases, they will pay your flight and moving expenses. They will pay the prevailing wage and treat you with the same respect as if you were a US citizen. It’s in their best interest to keep the best nurses.

Take The First Step in Your New Nursing Career