Your Nursing Shortage Ends Here

One source for qualified nurses, ideally matched to your facility’s needs.

Get Qualified, Specially-Selected Nurses without Drowning in Resumes

While most nurse career staffing services will send you dozens or hundreds of resumes to pour through, we do the search manually, and personally match your needs to the best qualified nurses. We look for a win-win situation where you get the right skills and qualifications in a nurse that’s excited to work in your location and facility. Matchmaking, rather than digital filtering based on keywords, means you find the right nurse, one who will thrive in your facility and be more likely to stay for the long term.

International English-Speaking Nurses Fill the Gap

The fastest way to fill your nursing shortage is with qualified nurses from the Philippines and other English-speaking countries. Our international nurses are eager to come to the US to work in hospitals and health care facilities, but getting them here involves extensive red tape. We have full knowledge and experience in acquiring the proper documentation, paperwork, green cards and visas and can expedite the process. It can take months or years to bring international nurses to the US, but we have them in the pipeline already, and can have them employed in your facility far faster than you could do it yourself.

The Best Connection to the Best Pool of Qualified Nurses

LifePath Health Careers attracts nurses from the US and all over the world, from new graduates to seasoned professionals, because we take the time to fit them to the right job. Nurses can apply at LifePath, tell us what kind of career they want and where they want to work, and we handle the screening and initial interview. We make the process easier for you and the nurses so everyone gets exactly what they want. We’re all about the win-win.

Know the Salary Requirements Before the Interview

The salary question is difficult for both parties, and it’s often the deal breaker after you’ve spent time qualifying and interviewing. We handle the negotiation for you, not representing either party, but working to find the best fit. We have the market experience to tell you if what you’re offering is too high or low, and we inform your candidates if their requirements are too high or low. In that way, when you get to the salary part of the interview, you are already on the same page, making the final amount very easy to agree upon.

Contact LifePath Today

We can find the right nurses for you, and fill you for your future staff openings. Just go online and let us know your needs. We do the screening, initial interview, international processing, and salary negotiation. All you need to do is hire.

Hear What Our Nurses Have to Say

“Getting placed through LifePath was so smooth. I have nothing but good things to say about working with them. And I’m really enjoying my placement, the community, facility, coworkers, my nurse administrator – EVERYTHING!! An apartment was ready for me to move in and my car was delivered on the same day I arrived in Missouri. The staff was efficient and professional. I highly recommend LifePath.”

– Nadine B.