LifePath is Your Career Matchmaker

We find the right fit and ensure fair pay

Our goal is to fit qualified nurses with the facilities that need them. It’s in our best interest to make sure both you and your employer are happy with each other, so we hand select each nurse for each employer based on many criteria. Part of that selection process is making sure you’re both in the same ballpark with salary and benefit expectations.

When you submit a resume at LifePath, we don’t use software to scan it for keywords. We actually read it. If you qualify, we’ll contact you to get an idea of where you’d like to work and what your expectations are. We’ll then contact the facilities we believe are a good fit for you.

Because of our knowledge of the markets and demand, we’re in a good position to let you know if your salary requirements are too low or too high for the market you’re seeking. We tell employers what they need to offer, including extra incentives, to attract qualified nurses.

With LifePath, you will go to your job interview knowing that the hardest part has already been handled. You’ll never run into a situation at the end of a great interview where the salary question comes up and you discover you’re miles apart in expectations. You and your potential employer will already be on the same page as far as compensation.

The Benefits of LifePath Health Careers

  • We Act as Your Career Matchmaker
  • We Find the Right Fit at the Right Salary
  • We Negotiate Your Perks & Benefits
  • Green Card Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses
  • Immigration Attorney Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses
  • Many Positions Pay Moving Expenses