Why Choose a Career in Long-Term Care

Nurses are in demand everywhere, but long-term care facilities (LTC) have a booming demand because Baby Boomers are filling these facilities faster than they can be staffed. That means LTC employers are increasing their incentives to bring in qualified nurses.

But salary and benefits are just part of the story. LTCs are great places to work and gain experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of working in long-term care.

Deeper Patient Care

You’ll have regular patients you see each day. You get to know them as people and form a connection. Getting to know a patient helps you understand their needs better, which lets you provide more valuable care.

Calmer Work Environment

While LTCs do have the occasional emergency, most days allow you to care for patients on a predictable schedule. The focus of the job in an LTC is to maintain and manage your patients’ health and wellbeing.


In an LTC, you generally will have one doctor or director in charge, usually with the same team members. You get to know what is expected and how to work together.


This will vary by facility, but in general, you can expect to have a regular work schedule with limited or no overtime.

Job Satisfaction

The ability to get to know your patients and be appreciated for the care you give them makes coming to work very rewarding.

The Benefits of LifePath Health Careers

  • We Act as Your Career Matchmaker
  • We Find the Right Fit at the Right Salary
  • We Negotiate Your Perks & Benefits
  • Green Card Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses
  • Immigration Attorney Fees Paid for Qualified Nurses
  • Many Positions Pay Moving Expenses

Hear What Our Nurses Have to Say

“Getting placed through LifePath was so smooth. I have nothing but good things to say about working with them. And I’m really enjoying my placement, the community, facility, coworkers, my nurse administrator – EVERYTHING!! An apartment was ready for me to move in and my car was delivered on the same day I arrived in Missouri. The staff was efficient and professional. I highly recommend LifePath.”

– Nadine B.