Joe Benedicto

LifePath was with us every step of the way

Getting to America for a nursing career isn’t easy. There are many layers of details to manage once the decision is made to immigrate and start a new dream life. Joe Benedicto says he’s grateful that he had the LifePath Health Careers team and its president, Buddy Goldammer helping him navigate.

Joe’s experience with LifePath started with a recommendation from a friend who had worked with the company. Joe says he had an instant connection and a sense of confidence in his first conversation with Buddy.

“He seemed to be a fun person to talk to and he’s so honest and straightforward,” Joe says. “I felt the difference from the other agency that worked with my wife. I felt like LifePath was on top of everything I needed. They had an answer for all my questions.”

Joe Benedicto and his family at Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum

Joe says he, his wife, Glia and daughter, Candace, came over at the same time and were all processed together. At the time he came to America, it was taking three years. With LifePath’s help, Joe and his family were here within two years.

Today, LifePath is doing even better. For nurses who have passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, many of the employers LifePath represents will invest $2,500 on the applicant’s behalf for Premium Processing – cutting the wait time down to an average of 9-10 months.

“The difference is that Buddy and the LifePath team keeps contacting you, touching base with you. Every step of the way they’re with you, so there were no misses,” Joe says. “The other agency, I just don’t want to compare – but there were times we were left hanging and we had to call them and ask what’s happening. They don’t touch base with you.”

Navigating the immigration process can be intimidating and Joe says LifePath’s legal team was readily available to answer his questions.

“By simply sending a message, I can contact my lawyer who promptly addresses all my concerns and uncertainties,” Joe says, “He guided me through the immigration process, providing unwavering support throughout each stage. This aspect of LifePath’s services has given me the reassuring feeling that Buddy and his team have my best interests at heart.”

Joe says LifePath also made sure he was thoroughly prepared for his U.S. Embassy interview, something he admits had him worried.

“They set a session where they train you on what to say and polish how you say it. They prepare you with the documents so that when you get there, you know what to do,” Joe says. “So, the beauty of working with LifePath is they are one step ahead and have everything well thought out.”

Joe and his family were also impressed with LifePath’s service once they arrived. Joe says all the details were covered to help them get started and set up for success.

“Unlike others, you have one LifePath onboarding representative working with you from your flight up until you arrive,” Joe says. “They helped in finding a place to stay, going to the bank with us, giving us $500 for groceries and making sure we have everything in our apartment to get us settled and get me ready for work.”

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